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Well hello there

My name is Kristin, and I produce content that resonates.


I've spent the past several years working with SaaS and tech startups in NYC to share their brands with the world.

By blending my love of writing with analytics and strategy, I create content that drives brand awareness, increases lead generation, and evokes customer delight.

Specifically, I have experience in:

  • Writing and editing B2B and B2C content

  • Content management and strategy

  • Brand communications

  • Search engine optimization

  • Email marketing

  • Social media promotion

  • Photography and video

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Every company has different needs. I tailor my content marketing services to reach the right audience at the right time. 


SEO + Lead Growth

  • Audit marketing site and blog to recommend areas for fast growth
  • Conduct keyword research to find your ideal target audience
  • Create customized SEO growth plans based on your company's blog history
  • Build out growth metrics dashboard to measure results 
  • Increase lead capture rates through tailored gated content

Content Management + Creation

  • Write SEO-friendly blog posts, eBooks, and whitepapers to drive leads and increase brand awareness
  • Pair you with high-caliber designers for your next big project
  • Build out editorial calendars so you're not scrambling to plan content
  • Edit blog posts and eBooks for brand messaging and voice
  • Secure + launch content partnerships to increase your brand's reach

Social Media + Email Promotion

  • Write evergreen lead nurture emails that connect content with the sales funnel and call readers to action
  • Run short and long-term campaigns to promote a specific product or initiative
  • Send out weekly or monthly newsletters that align with your company's goals + objectives
  • Produce and schedule social media promotion on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest


My past experience includes reporting at a small-town paper, freelance writing in Peru, and content marketing in NYC. I've covered a wide array of topics, from travel to education to HR.


eBooks + Whitepapers

I produce eBooks that share your brand's story and bring prospects further down the funnel. Past collaborators include Justworks, Shippabo, and CultureIQ.


After several years in the content marketing field, I understand that each brand has different audiences and different needs.


SEO + Blog Traffic Growth

I specialize in measuring and growing organic blog traffic. Some examples of past projects:

  • Increased Justworks’ blog traffic 89% YoY, to 900,000 annual unique visitors and 6,500 new sales leads

  • After Teachable faced a plunge in organic blog traffic, increased their organic visitors 158% over four months, from 12,500 to 32,000 monthly uniques


Content Management + Creation

I make long-term content calendars and create high-quality content that produces results. Some examples of past projects:

  • Identifying content gaps through a blog audit and creating Justworks' most popular eBook, accounting for 30% of all new organic inbound leads 
  • Diversifying Justworks' content with original photography and video, resulting in a popular explainer video with over 100,000 views


    Social Media + Email Promotion

    Speaking directly to your audience is a powerful tool, whether that's through a nurture campaign or social outreach. A couple of my favorite projects in those arena include:

    • Running a two-month long Quora campaign to target prospects for Flatiron School’s new online product, generating 380,000 views
    • Creating a sales email flow to announce Teachable’s pricing tier change, surpassing the company’s upgrade goal and resulting in $6,000 in MRR

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